Wet wipes block drains and toilets

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Wet wipes block drains and toilets

Wet wipes are a major culprit when it comes to blocking drains and toilets.

Plumbers often remove all sorts of wipes flushed down toilets in homes, offices and businesses - which costs money and yet is easily preventable.

When wipes snag on a pipe or a tree root, it creates a blockage, then more wipes get trapped.
Often plumbers have to remove them by hand, using industrial shears to cut them from an electric eel, which retrieves them from within pipes.

Authorities have said that up to 75 per cent of all toilet and drain blockages are caused by wet wipes.
A big problem is that some wipes are advertised as "flushable."

Another issue is that wipes are strong and very hardy - they fail to break them down even after 20 hours of being agitated in water.

Wipes that do make it through drains end up in water treatment plants.

One council are a in Sydney says that around 2.5 tonnes of wipes which is sent to landfill every week – and the number is growing.

Consumers are often unaware of the problem as advertising of theses products are misleading.

People often put wipes down toilets without realising the consequences.

Public awareness campaigns have been launched to help get the word out, but old habits die hard.

The message is clear - if you use wipes, put them in bin and you won't block up drains and toilets.


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