Waste and blocked drains

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Waste and blocked drains

Why we should care about waste?

Like toddlers, once we can’t see what has gone into the drain, most of us never give it a second thought.

So should we care about what goes down the plug hole and should we be concerned about where these items end up?

It’s important to remember that whatever we let wash down the sink or street drains has to end up somewhere.

Over time at home many things can cause blocked drains that usually need an expert to diagnose and clear.

To keep your owner drains healthy, it is critical to be aware of what goes down there. Grease, hair, food, sanitary products and plastics can combine to create a big mass of gunk that will eventually cause a blockage. This should be prevented at all costs and can be by educating all household members.

And what happens with the soap suds and rubbish we wash off our property into the street? It all ends up in our waterways that we fish and swim in!

So before flushing anything down the sink - dishwasher and laundry liquid, grease and the like - ask yourself if you’d like to be swimming with it? It may even change the way you shop and save you money into the bargain!

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