Trees and blocked drains

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Trees and blocked drains

When dealing with blocked drains, one of the most common culprits can be hidden from view.

Tree roots are attracted to water so grow towards any crack or fissure in a pipe.

Before you have to face the expense of blocked drains caused by tree roots, try and keep ahead of the game.

Make sure you know the type of trees in your garden that could send out damaging roots. If possible you may be able to relocate the tree to a different part of the garden well away from underground pipes.

In older properties, blocked drains can occur due to deteriorating pipes which tree roots love to invade.

So it can be a good idea to send a CCTV camera into your pipes to see what sort of state they are in. This will pick up any cracks that can be repaired before they become more serious.

If you do find that tree roots have invaded a drain, don’t despair. With the right equipment a professional can clean the affected area and reline the damaged pipe without having to dig up the garden so it’s important to find the right person who can offer this invaluable service.

Avoid the expense of fixing blocked drains by having them cleaned and checked regularly to ensure a little problem doesn’t lead to a much bigger, expensive one.


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