Blocked Drains - Tree Roots

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Blocked Drains - Tree Roots

Tree roots are the most common cause of damage to drains and sewer pipes.

Condensation often forms on the outside of pipes - which attracts tree roots.

Tree roots can then break through into the pipes, which can then trap debris and cause a blockage.

Tree roots are often worse type of blockage.

Even when tree roots have been cleared, the pipes will still reamin damaged.

The water that leaks out will attract more tree roots which makes the problem even worse.

The only permanent solution is to have the drains inspected by a CCTV camera and the broken pipe can then be either replaced or even better - it can be relined. 

There are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of a blocked pipe caused by tree roots.

1) For all new drains, PVC pipe is the best option.

There is a reduced chance of tree root penetrating the PVC - anf they are unlikely to collapse with ground subsidence.  

2) Make sure you don't plant trees adjacent to your drains and pipes.

If you don't know where your drains are, ask your plumber.

It's also a good idea to identify tree species that are more likely to have large root systems that could ultimately cause problems.


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