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Pipe relining at your St Ives property is the long term NO DIG solution you need.

Don't just call anyone when you discover a blockage. It could end up costing more than it should if the problem is more serious than first thought.


You need to make sure the ones you call offer pipe relining in the St Ives area because you may just need it if the blockage is caused by collapsed or broken pipes.


Trees are wonderful but they can cause havoc in leafy suburbs and unless you want your garden dug up unnecessarily, you need to call us in from the start.

That's because we offer pipe relining in St Ives and not everyone does.

We also have the other gear important for correct diagnosis of the problem.


CCTV: this is a fabulous piece of gear because it is a small camera on the end of a probe that is inserted into the affected drain and then shows us the footage on an above-ground screen. From there we can decide what to do next based on accurate information and not guesswork that can end up being costly.


High pressure water jetter: as the name implies, this allows us to flush away a blockage using water at high speed. A clean and environmentally friendly solution that is efficient and extremely effective.


However if we see damage to a pipe, it will need to be replaced. We do this, not by removing it, but by creating a new pipe within the old one. It requires specialised equipment that allows us to place a liner, made of flexible resin, into the pipe or sewer. It is pressurised into place before it hardens to become the new section. It comes with a long warrantee and is as durable as anything on the market.

Best of all is that there is no damage done to your garden because we do all the work below the surface.


Give us a call and ask about pipe relining at your St Ives home or workplace.

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