Think about blocked drains when purchasing a property

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Think about blocked drains when purchasing a property

When buying a new property, we don’t always think to check what’s behind the walls, under the floor or under the earth but it’s well worth thinking about to save money in the long term.

Blocked drains can cause all sorts of damage and the health of the plumbing is crucial.

So how should you go about it?

Initially, when first inspecting a property keep this in the back of your mind so that when you are in the wet areas like the bathroom and laundry yo can take note of little tell tale signs that there may be a problem down the track.

Things like water damage on skirting boards and walls are an indication there may have been an issue with blocked drains in the past that may have caused water damage that can be expensive to repair.

In old places newly painted areas should be inspected carefully to ensure that the paint isn’t covering up something you should know about!

Then there are odours to beware off. If a place that is being sold is heavily performed it can mean the seller is trying to cover up a bad smell. Bad smelling odours from drains can be an indication that blocked drains are an impending problem.

Remember prevention is always better that cure so it could be something to negotiate with in the contract if you do decide to go ahead and purchase the property.

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