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Don´t risk your blocked drains with a sub standard company.

Some ´professionals´ will try and pull the wool over your eyes. They will arrive and don´t have the right equipment to accurately diagnose the problem. This can lead to expensive ´solutions´ that weren´t necessary in the first place. They might try and convince you that what you need are new pipes when that´s not the problem at all.

So before you choose a company, ask about their equipment.

If they have a closed circuit television that´s a good start. These can show you what is going on below the surface. A tiny camera on the tip of a probe will be fed into the blocked drains enabling you to see the images on a screen above ground. Rom there you will understand what needs to happen next.

Either a good clean with a high pressure water jetter, or if you do see serious damage causing those blocked drains, there´s pipe relining which not all companies do but which is a lot more economical than replacing them.

Don´t be afraid to ask questions and really understand the problem first before you agree to a solution for your blocked drains. A little homework at the start can really pay off in the long run.


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