Preventing Blocked Drains

St Ives Blocked Drains




You may have heard recently about a ‘fatberg’ found in a London sewer?

Described as a 250 metre long mass of congealed fat, nappies and condoms as heavy as 11 double decker buses, it became lodged in the Victorian-era sewer like a plug.

While this is an extreme version of blocked drains, it’s a stark reminder that we really have to be careful about what we flush down sinks and toilets.

Prevention is always far better than cure, as with this fatberg which, according to Thames Water was as hard as concrete and took eight workers using high-powered jet hoses to break it up before it could be sucked into tankers and taken to a recycling site.

To prevent blocked drains occurring in the first place make sure no oil or fats go down the drain. Pour them into a jar and dispose of in your regular rubbish. Likewise with nappies and sanitary items that need to be disposed of in the bin.

While Thames Water reportedly spends about $1.6 million a month clearing blockages in its sewer network in London and surrounding area, we’re also advised to keep our drains clean before a serious problem arises.

It’s well worth getting a professional out with a jetter to flush away any build up before it becomes too late. This could ultimately save you time, money and hassle.


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