Droughts and drains

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Droughts and drains

As the drought continues to bite in many parts of Australia, when there eventually is a dumping of rain it can expose blocked drains as the water run off has nowhere to go and bubbles over.

This is why the plumbing needs to be maintained so that blocked drains are prevented.

There can be all sorts of consequences from blocked drains like flooding on your property that can cause costly damage.

The best way to ensure you don’t get blocked drains is to call in a professional who can clean them regularly to ensure they won’t let you down.

It’s also good to remember to keep fats and oils away from drains. They can congeal in the elbow of pipes so that eventually the water can’t get through. Instead have a jar or tin in the kitchen to put any fat or grease into and then place it in your regular household waste. Alternately your could mix with foods scraps for your compost or chickens.

It’s also wise to remember that blocked drains can be caused by flushing products, like sanitary pads and baby wipes, down the toilet.

The toilet is for the 3Ps - poo, pee and paper - everything else goes in the general waste.

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