Diagnosing blocked drains

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Diagnosing blocked drains

Drains throughout your house should be checked regularly to prevent potential long term damage.

It's recommended that a professional plumber - like the team at St Ives Blocked Drains check your drains to make sure they are all functioning as they should.

But there are also things you can keep an eye on:


Unpleasant Odours

If your drain has started to smell bad, you should check the trap is dry. If it is dry, there is nothing to block the sewer odours from coming up the drain waste.

You can pour water down the drain so the trap is refilled, but if the problem persists, it's important to get a plumber to check for an unseen issue.


Drain Blockages

If your drains are not emptying correctly, or if they are overflowing, it's likely you have a pipe clog or blockage. Diagnosing and fixing drain problems early will save the cost of a larger problem if left un-adressed.

It could be a simple case of debris or hair build up, which is relatively east to clear.

However if you have grease, soap or other waste build up which is creating a solid blockage, it requires specialist equipment to clear the blockage.

It's worst still if a sewer pipe has broken down and then has filled up with dirt.

In either scenario, it's important you get expert advice straight away.


Sewer Back up

If drains or your sewer is backing up and overflowing, you need to get a plumber out straight away to prevent costly (and smelly!) damage.


An expert in blocked drains should be able to diagnose the problem - sometimes with a CCTV camera, then set about resolving the issue.

It could be clearing the offending pipes with specialist equipment, or it could involve relining the pipe - which repairs it without the costly process of digging up gardens and driveways.


For more information about blocked drains or to get a regular maintenance check, call the expert team at St Ives Blocked Drains today by calling 0455 555 345.