Buyer Beware

St Ives Blocked Drains




Buyer Beware

When buying a new place it could look all shiny above the ground but have you ever wondered what might lie beneath?

How does the drainage and sewerage system work? If it is old and in need of replacement it could be a surprise cost down the track that you haven’t budgeted for.

So how can you know this when you are house hunting?

The nose is a good tool to start with.

Bad smells in the bathroom or laundry or any wet area could indicate something more sinister. Once the grime starts to build up it can cause blocked drains. There is nowhere for the smell to go except back up into the room. While a good clean may solve the issue, it could be due to a collapsed wall that needs immediate attention. Thoughts of excavating or having to reline come to mind. But these things are never cheap to fix because they involve professional tradespeople with state-of-the-art equipment designed to deal with these sorts of things.

Another indicator of things not being as they should is mould. While it could be caused by all sorts of things including poor ventilation, there could also water sitting around in the blocked drains causing the spores to grow.

Again this could be expensive to fix.

So you love the house but have a few questions about the drainage? It could save you down the track if you call a trusted professional in to take a look using a closed circuit TV camera. You can then see what the system looks like and what the of condition it’s in and this could give you some bargaining power.

With blocked drains you really do need expert advice because amateur workmanship can cause more problems that could end up extremely costly.


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