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Blocked Sewers

A salient reminder about what we can and can’t flush down the toilet.

Sydney Water is having an increasing issue with wipes.

It says that just like the wastewater systems in big cities like London and New York, Australian water utilities are facing the same problem.

So who are flushing away these wipes instead of putting them in the bin?

According to research by Sydney Water, 1 in 4 people in Sydney is flushing wet wipes, and 72% of people who flush wet wipes are unsure or think they're biodegradable. They are mostly males aged 15-44.

So why can’t wipes be flushed away?

While wet wipes may disappear from your toilet bowl, our system is only designed for human waste and toilet paper which can breakdown quickly enough for our wastewater system.

Wipes do not break down quickly enough and this can lead to blocked drains and sewage overflow into homes and nearby waterways.

They can also block sewer pipes that can end up costing a lot to fix.

So a reminder that only human waste and toilet paper should ever be flushed.

A reminder that for any blocked drains you will need a licensed plumber to fix it and come up with a prevention plan.


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