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Tree roots and blocked pipes

Most problems with blocked drains in the older, greener suburbs are caused by tree roots. So it’s a good idea to walk around your property and try to identify possible problems before they arise.

The pipes are usually old and cracks often occur over time due to the deterioration of cement joins and rubber seals.
Once this happens pipes start leaking water that may come in contact with a tree root that can then invade the pipe and cause a heap more damage.
This is why it is recommended to look out for early signs of pipe damage below the surface.
Wet spots on the grass or trees known for their big root systems are a good starting point.
Smelly drains can also indicate a problem in the pipe line. If you notice anything that raises suspicion, contact the experts straight away and they can come and assess the property and take preventative action. It could save you a stack of money down the track.
We know so much more about what causes blocked drains today but the best advice is to be aware of the early signs and take appropriate action.
If buying a new property make sure the piping is made from a durable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic substance and don’t go planting trees with large roots near the underground pipes.

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