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When blocked drains are an issue at your place you need to know who to call to fix the problem efficiently and effectively.

Knowing who to call can cause more angst than the initial problem.

Understanding the possible solutions is the key.

It’s no use calling someone who doesn’t have the latest equipment to accurately diagnose and then be able to sort out any problem that is causing those blocked drains.

A closed circuit television camera is vital for correct diagnosis. Once the problem is confirmed, a correct course action can be followed.

A water jetter is also vital for cleaning blocked drains in an environmentally friendly way. The strong jet of water will dislodge most obstructions quickly thereby getting your place back functional as soon as possible.

Lastly a relining machine allows for damage to underground drains to be fixed from above ground without any need to dig! This German designed technology is vital if tree roots have cracked walls or if serious damage is found. Like key hole surgery, all the work is done via the drain with no impact on your garden or whatever else is above the damaged drain.

So when you discover blocked drains ask the right questions of the business before committing and you will save yourself a heap of time and hassle.



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