Causes of blocked drains

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Causes of blocked drains

A variety of things can cause blocked drains and fingers crossed it will be a simple fix and not have to involve replacement.

As per our previous article, tree roots are a common cause of blocked drains in leafy, older suburbs like St Ives.

However there are other contributors to the problem that may be less expensive to fix.

It’s easy to wash things down the drown and not think of them again - until you discover blocked drains at your St Ives property.

Scraps of food and oil are a real contributing factor as they can sit in the bends of a drain and keep building and building until there is no way the water can pass through quickly enough, leading to backflow.

Hair can also be a big issue. We wash our hair and don’t see it running down the drain. Think of everyone in the house doing this and it’s not difficult to imagine that it could cause a problem down the track.

Another potential problem can be small toys or bits of plastic that are played with in the bath and can get washed away without anyone realising. Once these become wedged in the drain a build up can start eventually leading to blocked drains at your home in St Ives.

Always get a professional to check out your blocked drains as you want to ensure the solution at your St Ives place is for the long and not short term.

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