How to find the best team for the job

St Ives Blocked Drains




You have discovered a problem with blocked drains and don’t know who to call?

The best advice is to firstly ask around. Who have your neighbours used? What about family and friends?

It’s not often we need to sort such a problem out so you’ll be lucky to get a recommendation.

Then what?

Online can be good for recommendations as there are often comments from customers. But you have toast yourself how true are these?

This is where you need to do your own homework. Call someone in your area. They will know the terrain and may have just finished a similar job around the corner.

Importantly ask about their tools of the trade. How do they correctly diagnose? Hopefully they have a closed circuit TV. How do they get rid of a blockage? Hopefully they have a high pressure water jetter.

What if the blocked drains are caused by something more sinister like broken or collapsed walls?

Hopefully they can offer relining.

A conversation with the owner will also give you an indication of their professional attitude which can save you hundreds of dollars because you are dealing with someone who cares about quality service and not just making a buck!

So put the initial work in and you should reap the rewards!



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