How to avoid blocked drains

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How to avoid blocked drains

Before there’s a problem, it’s a good idea to find out some preventative measures to help avoid blocked drains at your St Ives place.

One of the simplest ideas is a drain filter. These can capture bits of food, hair and whatever else is wanting to contribute to blocked drains at your home or workplace in St Ives.

The filters just need to be checked and cleaned regularly which is far easier and less expensive than getting someone to come and have a look when there’s a problem.

There are also liquid solutions that can be poured down a sink to help prevent a build up of sludge before it becomes a big issue.

Of course oils should never be poured down a sink because not only is that bad for the environment, but once they harden they can cause all sorts of issues in a drainage system. So pour any household fat or cooking oils into an old milk container or jar and dispose of them in the general waste.

Coffee grains can cause a similar problem. Never wash these down the sink but instead put in the compost, a garden bed or in your general waste.

If you do discover blocked drains and you are in the St Ives area always call in an expert and don’t be tempted to deal with the problem yourself as that may just cause more damage and headaches. Get it fixed and sorted once and for all.

So try and avoid getting blocked drains by keeping in mind the above tips and this will ensure you won’t need to call a professional to your St Ives property which can be time consuming and more costly than if the problem didn’t arise in the first place.


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