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What to ask your plumber about blocked drains

When the bad odours start emanating from the bathroom or laundry drains it’s a good indication they are not as healthy as they should be.

It can be tempting to throw a cleaning liquid or deodoriser down there to get rid of the smell, and that may work for a while, however it is just masking the problem that could become a lot more serious and more expensive to fix.

At this stage it is highly recommended you call in an expert who can cover any issue no matter how serious.

That’s because the last thing you want halfway through the job is for the plumber to say they can not go any further because they don’t have the right tools.

Plan for the worst and make sure whoever you call can copy with even the most serious problem.

These are the recommended questions to ask before allowing someone to look at your job?

• How much experience do you have clearing blocked drains?

Ask to call one of their previous customers to find out more about them.

• How do you diagnose and find the blockage?

It is very helpful if they have a CCTV camera because this is how you can see what exactly is causing the blocked drains. The images come upon an above ground screen so you know you aren’t being told something that isn’t true.

• What do you do to clear a blockage?

They should have a high pressure water jetter or eel to get into the blocked drain and budge the obstruction.

• What do you do if you find collapsed or damaged pipes?

If they offer pipe relining that’s a huge plus because it totally eliminates any need to excavate.

So make sure you do your homework and reap the rewards.

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