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St Ives Emergency Drainage

Blocked Drains Cleared - 24/7

When the drains become blocked, it's critical to get them cleared straight away. Our 24/7 emergency call out service means we will arrive quickly, ready equipped to get in and correctly diagnose the problem and then provide a long term practical solution.

We can be there at any hour from Monday to Sunday because we understand how the entire home or workplace suffers when the sewers or drains become blocked.


No need to fret when you discover blocked drains at your St Ives property.

No matter what time you make the discovery, put a call into us and we'll be there to help.

We know how leafy the area is and trees can often be the cause of blocked drains in the St Ives district.

But we won't guess and then head down a path we shouldn't have taken.


We have a Closed Circuit TV camera that we use to inspect inside the affected drain or sewer. It shows us footage of the blockage so we can then take the next appropriate course of action.


It may be that we can flush the problem away. Toys, hair and grime can sometimes be the cause of blocked drains at your St Ives home and if this is what we find we can usually clear the blockage with a high pressure water jetter. It is a green solution as it only uses water at a very high speed to flush the problem away. The upside is that your pipe also gets a good flushing to prevent a build up of silt in the near future.


If, however, tree roots have invaded the pipe as is common in the area, it's a much more serious problem.

We are the team with the best, non-invasive solution. It's called pipe-relining and all the work is done below ground - much like key-hole surgery.


We have special gear that inserts a flexible resin liner down the drain to create a new pipe where the damaged one was. The resin becomes hard and as durable as any new pipe on the market.


The upside is that we don't need to dig! So there are no costly excavators needed and no damage done to driveways, gardens or anything else above the affected area.


Clearing blocked drains in the St Ives area is easy for us because of our state-of-the-art equipment and our invaluable experience.


Phone us now and get help straight away.

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